The great Indian contradictions

India, Where every one wants his country to succeed, but no one wants their neighbor’s success. Here are a few other popular Indian contradictions..


Irony is when People kill their own girls in womb and seek out neighbor’s girls for ‘Kanya Puja’!!!


You have to look both ways to cross a one-way road.


Parents want their children to stand out in a crowd but expect them to do what the crowd is doing.

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The Hindus have to prove that they are secular, while the Muslims have to prove that they are patriotic.


Everyone’s in a hurry, but no one reaches on time.


In India YOU do not cast your vote, you vote YOUR caste.

Abu Abraham Vote Your Caste Here

Where  education loan has higher interest rate than car loan.

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You can’t be a peon in any organization without 8th pass but you can be Chief Minister / Prime-minister / President of our country without any education, even with a proven criminal track-record. .


Students with 45% get in elite institutions thru quota system and those with 90% get out because of merit.


We live in a system where people who post on social media gets imprisoned while the rapists and murderers roam freely.



Do You find any great indian contradiction? Share it with us.