Seamless copy paste between devices

Seamless copy paste between devices


Let me ask you a question, If I ask you to send some text from your laptop to mobile, how will you send it?

I used to save it in my gmail drafts and then read that draft from mobile and than copy-paste it as required. A friend of mine used to do it via bluetooth and other used to click picture of it via her phone camera (yeah, girls!). It was a long and irritating process till PushBullet came up with this concept of seamless universal copy paste. Yes, Now you can copy it on your laptop and paste it directly on mobile.

That Sounds awesome! How much do I need to pay for it?

Zero bucks. Yeah, its available for free.

Cool. But How?


Initial Setup
  1. Install PushBullet app on your mobile phone: Available on Google Play store. Install it and activate Universal copy paste option in settings, if not done already.

  2. Install Chrome plugin or Mozilla plugin as per your browser preference.

And thats it. Once enabled, just copy on one device and paste on another. It will work across devices like magic with no extra steps!


Superb! Now what?

Apart from obvious use of this functionality to transfer small texts from one device to other, it can also be powered with other freely available apps like Word Snitch which allows you to find meaning of word by copying it. Combining its power with pushbullet’s universal copy paste, you can find meaning of any word by just copying it on your system and its meaning will pop-out on your mobile instantly.

Is there anything else?

Yeah, PushBullet prime functionality isn’t just copy-paste across devices. It is to mirror notifications across devices. Future is all about connected devices!


Source: Pushbullet blog

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