Email tracking in Gmail

Email tracking in Gmail


Ever wondered if someone is looking at your mails? Are you expecting a reply and are unsure if mail was even read? Do you send mails to large number of persons and want to know when they read it? Or Are you simply in love with latest update of whatsapp which let you know delivered and read time for your conversation?


If Answer to any of the above question was yes, Keep reading.

But wait, I don’t know how to code (or don’t want to code in case of a developer)!

You don’t need to do anything, All functionalities are provided out of the box.

804 Easy to Use


This is done by Streak, An add-on which merges nicely with Gmail interface and let you track all your emails effectively and efficiently right from your native gmail interface.

From Streak’s website, 805 Who Uses Tracking


Hold on, I don’t want anyone to know that I am spying!

Streak works invisibly to all who receives your mails, with no change at all. It just adds a small pixel which sends data back to servers which is not visible to anyone. Full stealth!

Cool, What else does it offers?

Well apart from its basic functionality of email tracking, Streak is a personal CRM tool which provides functionalities like Snooze (inherited by Google in inbox), Tagging of emails, Delayed sending of emails and whole lot of feature right out of the box.

Give it a try and let me know if it helped.