Bendgate – Rivals trolling Apple

“Steve Jobs! You’re being missed!”, looks like a buzzword in Apple’s office. True that Apple creates products that it loves whether they are liked by its customers or not but iPhone 6 is turning out to be one of the most epic failures.

A phone that bends in your pocket! That’s not what you’re paying for. Let’s have a look at how competitors took upon this news rather ‘opportunity’. Introducing ‘Bendgate’, a new buzz word.

The first one to react was definitely Samsung. Flaunting about its curves!!!01

This shows that you just can’t make a mistake in today’s world


Well, is ASUS trying to ‘support’ Apple in difficult times?


Flexing on purpose, LG!!!04

Nokia Users! Please don’t try this at home.


Tim Cooks should have ended his presentation in typical Steve Jobs style like this.



Must buy accessories for iPhone 6. Coming Soon!


And the new interface for the website!


Looking for some celebrity endorsements? Here are a few suggestions.




One thing is for sure. Bendgate definitely went viral.11 12