An open letter to Manmohan singh


Dear Manmohan Singh,

Or should I say Mr. Ex-Prime Minister Sir!

Congratulations for your 10 year stint at PMO. Congratulations for bringing in some reforms like Right to Information, Right to Employment, Right to Food, Land Acquisition Bill and much debated LokPal Bill for which you’ll never get the credit though. But above all, congratulations for the end of your exile. Congratulations for having some peace.

I can definitely say that I am not the only one who thinks so, given what opposition leader Mr. Arun Jaitley said, “personal integrity was always above board”, “Prime Minister goes out with dignity and grace. He will remain an elder statesman and a man of credibility to guide the nation”. Truly, this can’t be denied.

Surrounded by corrupt ministers, vested with a limited power and lifting the burden of a damn-so-smart prince, your inability to speak on important issues is the only thing the masses of the nation noticed. It can’t be blamed because staying meek for 10 long years was way too much for the country. “Hazaron jawabo se achchi hai khamoshi meri, na jaane kitne sawalo ki aabru rakhe. (My silence is better than a thousand answers, it keeps intact the honour of innumerable questions).”, explains your take on this as well. Your decision of not rocking the Congress boat actually made you a scapegoat and now, you will be blamed for everything that went wrong because Congress has got a long list of people to take credit for everything good ever happened.

You are the best Finance Minister India ever had. Transforming Indian economy from a slow moving snail to a roaring lion, coming up with new economic policy, making sure that it gets implemented is something we all agree with.

When it comes to your stretch as Prime Minister of the nation, though media has said enough about it and a lot of cartoons have already been published but let me differ from that a bit. It was indeed a period which India will look back as a golden era. And I have my reasons for that. At the time of economic crisis, when banks were failing within a single day, India continued to grow above 7% and became the third largest economy on PPP basis.

Rightly said by Obama, you were distinguished, decent and dedicated! You were often criticized for being reticent, perhaps in the times that we live in, being seen and heard has become more important than the act of doing things itself. A standing ovation and emotional farewells from your staff is proof of that.

A personification of humility! A paragon of grace! Someone to look up to!  An exceptional economist! A scholarly thinker! You have served the nation well sir!

Thanks for everything!