Indian Leadership Crisis


Year 2002 – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam , former Indian President envisioned India as a Developed Nation by the year 2020. The whole country was celebrating , people were excited to be a part of fore coming transition , youth motivated enough to start planning and aligning their vision with that of their nation.

Year 2013 – 10 years since Vision 2020 was announced and there is no sign of its subsistence. Our government is lost in corruption and opposition in washout of the parliament sessions and the common man? Well, we have nothing to look forward to for we haven’t seen a vision since 2002. That year , a man gave us hope and pride and motivated us to give our best, to make gold out of sand and now the government is completely oblivious to it.

Our leaders haven’t even given us a vision in the past decade that is as compelling or at least worth remembering. Dr. Manmohan Singh , a man everyone looks up to has been a constant shame. Our vision is lost in politics and our pseudo leaders in corruption. Prime Minister’s speech on 15th Aug is something everyone eagerly waits for, but since Dr. Manmohan Singh it has been worth a miss. No doubt he is the man behind various 1991 reforms, but is he a right Prime Ministerial candidate? On issues of national importance when everyone is glued to television to listen what our leaders have to say, we have been constantly disappointed; sometimes by the manner of speeches and sometimes by its matter.

A nation without a leader is a nation without a future. Do we forget this while casting our votes or we are amongst the ones who don’t even get off our beds on days of election, rejoicing a national holiday. But is it our fault exactly? We have likes of Manmohan Singh , Sonia Gandhi , L K Advani as PM prospects. These candidates are either tainted or simply not suitable to lead a developing nation. We definitely don’t want a leader who keeps mum or is involved in religious riots or corruption as our Prime Minister.

We are a country with ample of natural resources, good core competency and great talent, a nation with the largest population of youth for the coming years. Given the right opportunities, motivation and a leader with right vision, Vision 2020 might look like an achievable goal. But ‘A leader with Right Vision’ , is there even a slightest possibility?