Heading Towards a Hung Parliament!


A hung Parliament is one in which no party or coalition has an overall majority, which means that no coalition is able to attain half the number of total seats in the parliament which is often referred to as Magic number. In case of India, if UPA, NDA or the third front are not able to attain 272 seats in the upcoming elections, then it will lead to the situation of hung parliament.

The parliamentary system has suffered a rapid decline mainly owing to efforts on the part of our politicians to subvert the system in the name of democracy. Mushrooming of political parties has also resulted in a large scale erosion of political values owing to growth in electoral malpractices. Emergence of regional parties and multi-party system at the centre further in fumigate the problem. These developments are not good either for our democracy or for our growth and development.

Country hasn’t come out of its leadership crisis yet and considering the current scenario, it seems very difficult that any coalition (let alone any single party) will be able to gain majority at the centre. With Nitish still having firm stand against Modi, despite the loud ‘NaMo Namah’ chanting in BJP, they haven’t been able to nominate Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate. On the other hand, anti-incumbency, inflation and ever increasing corruption in the country have made it difficult for Congress to regain power and run the country for another 5 years. Stand of SP and BSP is always hard to predict but this time they have decided not to play the role of (just) king-makers and both Mulayam and Mayawati are eyeing on Delhi to be their next destination. Even Jayalalithaa is not far behind. The only outcome possible from this situation seems to be a hung parliament.

Power in Hands of Pranab Da!!!

In case of hung parliament, power lies in the hands of President of the country, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. He has the right to invite party of his choice to form the government at the center level. The person who had always dreamt of becoming the Prime Minister of the country can get a chance to play an even bigger role. If Congress tags itself as the Pandavas of Indian political Mahabharata, then Pranab da was definitely Lord Krishna for them and finally he may get chance to prove his worth.

Both the major political parties of the nation are aware of the fact that it will be hard for them or their alliance to reach the magic number in the parliament and hence, they can be seen flattering the President. Each policy of UPA is being passed only after consultation with him. Don’t you think it is too much power already in his hands who is often considered to be rubber stamp in our nation? Moreover, Modi who lashes out his anger on all the leaders of UPA never gets tired of praising the old man in his speeches. Both parties realize how important role he can play if none of them is able to get the majority. With just one year left for the elections, it will be interesting to see what new emerges out of Indian politics and how it shapes up.