Leonardo DiCaprio and prestigious Oscars

Leonardo DiCaprio and prestigious Oscars


As the news comes by, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood actor who demonstrated a high level of dramatic versatility, has now lost yet another race to Oscars, the most prestigious awards of our time. This miss, his fourth, also marked 20th anniversary of his first Oscar nomination and hence yet to open his account in this arena. His previous nominations were Best Actor for The Aviator and Blood Diamond, Best Supporting Actor for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Although all three times, he was beaten by better performers playing career defining roles like Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood, Jamie Foxx in Ray and Martin Landau in Ed Wood and now to Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club, but the class shown by Leonardo along with the variety of roles performed, counts no less.

Coming to Oscars, it is said to follow a set rule and performing in any of the true story, public related issue or any widely known historical event will bring you in the list. However, poor Leonardo, despite covering all these roles in his career so far, is yet to beg the Oscars. His latest nomination via The Wolf of the wall street was described as his career best performance by critics all over the world.

Leonardo’s work in The Aviator and Catch Me If You Can in terms of true story movies, Inception, Shutter Island and The Aviator in social issue/war movies, made him the most feted and bankable actor in Hollywood, yet has also consistently lost out on that elusive Academy Award.

But can stardom really win you Oscars?

History says negative. If it was so, George Clooney must have bagged for The Descendents or Brad Pitt would get his Oscar reserved for the performance in Moneyball. If it was so, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp would not leave any Oscar award ceremony unmarked.

Whatever may be the reason for his name yet not listed in prestigious list, World of Internet responded dutifully in support of their favourite actor and comes out (mostly sarcastically) in forms of memes.



What do you think about Leo’s dry run at Oscars? Do let us know.

Is Facebook making us spendthrift?

Is Facebook making us spendthrift?


“Facebook disquieting our social life” 

We might have seen many news discussions with this tagline & also viewed videos in masala news channels showing how some conman looted a teenage girl contacting her on facebook. Undoubtedly, facebook has changed the world it used to be. It has connected the world in a perceptible way but have you ever thought that facebook is building crave to spend more, we are becoming spendthrifts.

Give it a thought, when was the last time you saw photographs of your friend’s weekend trip & from nowhere your exotic holiday plan was ready? Isn’t it true that quite a few times you have bought something which was not in your wish-list but suddenly come on top priority as soon as you saw number of likes multiplying on your friend’s post of a new gadget. Before even stepping in a renowned theatre or mall one started checking in, is it really an information for friends or we just want to make some of them desirous for our lifestyle. It would be arrogant to analyze the success mantra of Facebook & also be disregards towards the legend himself but just a thought, the concept of reality TV shows like Big Boss & Facebook is fairly similar. We all love gossips, we want to know what’s happening in other’s life. See, woman enjoy gossips and admit but man too relishes. Answer it how eager you were when your wife or girlfriend telling about the love affairs of her best friend & you were just dying to know that at last who took her & where. In reality TV shows like Big Boss, contestants try to look different from others & it’s a fact that different & loud people always liked bymasses, we have examples like Imam & Ayzaz.

We try to look different & act in unlike manner to get attention, we spend more, roam more. We just scream to tell everyone where we traveled ,what we ate & yes some of us listen too & there come flood of likes which makes one think the way he is leading his life is just awesome. I think facebook should get royalty from tourism industry, the industry it has affected most is tourism. Facebook likes have become the measure of one’s fondness. I don’t want to be the facebook critic but guys I have seen many people just fanatic about it, nothing wrong in having fun, visiting places, eating good or spending lavishly but why to show off? We can prioritize our needs and spend accordingly but just to compete the facebook rival I don’t think it’s a wise act.

Give it a thought!

UDRS and its Future

UDRS and its Future


Umpire Decision Review System or UDRS – to be or not to be, has been the bone of contention for a few years now. India has not yet warmed up to its utility despite enjoying considerable advantage due to it in the World Cup 2011. Some other nations, despite regular use of DRS, have ended up criticising it in one way or other. The net result so far – series’ involving India has no use of DRS while the series’ involving most other nations use DRS. This somehow gives an impression that there is near perfect acceptance of the system except for one nation. To an extent, it is true. But this acceptance has often brought along unwanted criticism of DRS too.

So how can DRS be turned into something which is liked by everyone? The answer is a no- we can’t do it. Any and every system will have its supporters and detractors. But we can definitely improve DRS. There is a solution to this that comes to my mind. It is to give only 1 review per inning for a team instead of the current system of 2. The benefits would be as follows:-

  • Giving only 1 review would mean that it gets used only in case of a ‘howler’ and not as a tactical decision. Ian Bell was playing beautifully in the 3rd out on a caught behind appeal. DRS overturned the decision because of a clear edge. A howler was thus avoided. We do not need howlers.
  • Only 1 review in an innings would also mean that teams educate their players to the use of DRS wisely. The way Joe Root used DRS in Perth test match against Australia was pathetic. He was out caught behind in both innings, was sure of not having nicked the ball both times and the snicko showed his nick on both occasions. It was foolish, to say the least, from Root.
  • Only 1 review would mean that DRS does not get used for tactical LBWs. LBWs involve a lot of on field discretion from umpires and teams should be sporty enough to let close calls go either way. Otherwise 1 review only rule would force them to do so. This also leaves umpires discretion intact.

I, for once, would like to put it very clearly, that I think DRS is a huge asset for the game. I have heard comments like technology is not foolproof, it slows down the game, it leaves the human element out of the game, the bowlers can’t celebrate wickets and all sorts of things. I have only one answer to them- the aim of DRS is to improve decisions, and let us help it do that.

Am I infatuated to a wrong person?

Am I infatuated to a wrong person?


Ever since I have understood, who a life partner is? What does companionship mean ? How much role can a lover play in stimulating the anachronism of life? I have sketched and fabricated the physical and mental and emotional attributes of her respectively. This bemuses me as the mental sketch and fabrication is so clear, vivid and pragmatic (because of the credibility of her existence) that it has barricaded the entry for all the other not befitting the designed model.

How different can I demand with respect to a male perspective? How difficult it is to find such a person? Is it always the body of Alessandra Ambrosio  combined with I.Q. of Madame Curie and E.Q. of some shrink who can touch your soul and prevent it from bleeding. Is it she, who I am looking for? No, absolutely not. I don’t want a ten on ten. Not even a nine on ten from the eyes of a commoner. Here I want someone who is ten on ten on my list, just like the one I had sketched, who might be a five or even a one on world’s perspective but the point is she is the perfect one, for whom I long.

Few raised doubts, what if I don’t find her and have to settle for the not so modeled version of my thoughts. Then there were others who backed me instead of querying by wishing me luck on this tedious endeavor of mine with a quote, “Don’t settle for anything ordinary ! Special Needs Special! If you value yourself chase your dreams till you are tired enough to lose yourself, then itself hang your boots.”

Amidst this sojourn of mine I have met varied girls with varying attributes. Some lending their attributes as an addition to my model and few leading me to believe that I should compromise on many sectors on my grading scale to make my goal attainable. My quandary was forayed at such junctures where I was compromising to my design albeit searching for satisfaction. It has been a wonderful experience but that constant struggling thought which always pops up, “Am I doing justice to my dreams? If not till when should I wait?”

What should I do now?

Grace her presence in my life and accept the satisfaction much below the benchmark I had once set. Love, Marry and Live happily with her. Is it so ? She’s real, she breathes, she works and she plays unlike the person created by my empirical thoughts, whose possibility is questionable to such an extent as is the performance of Miley Cyrus at WMA or India becoming a superpower post upcoming elections in 2014.

What should I do ?
What is the time limit after which I can say that I am done with this thought for the need of perfection and should  dust my dreams away?
How successful can  the compromised venture can be?
What can be the damage due to guilt of losing a prize catch over a stupidity?


The solution providers can start racking their brains as they may sell the solutions to above queries as I want a peaceful life ahead.


Image source : Hubpages
Engineers : A prize-catch or the worst-dump of the society

Engineers : A prize-catch or the worst-dump of the society


Engineers – Life in India

What created Engineering?

Engineering was created by mere delusions of mind. The boy soon after his birth in India is married with the goal to be an Engineer and thus it becomes his destiny and prolonged identity. His parents teach him Mathematics and no Literature, Physics and no Biology. His diversions are focused to perks after engineering. And then he firmly believes that upon the completion of his engineering, he will be handed over a ‘Kingfisher model meets Arundhati Roy’ kind of bride along with his degree. Forget about the girl part. He thinks he can en-cash his degree to earn millions. But such delusions are what keep the economy going. No delusion means no engineering. No engineering means no engineers. No engineers mean no investment bankers, no authors, no social workers, no ad makers, no janitors etc. Get the point?

10 statements defining Engineering students

1.       2 Mbps Internet connection is utmost necessary than 2 liters of water per day for survival.

2.       Seeing sunrise is a sin. Even if the sun gods defer by an hour or two still one won’t wake up.

3.       Bunking classes, proxy, running out of the classroom when the teacher is teaching… C’est la vie!

4.       No effect of crap grades. They occur with such regularity; you can do nothing but ignore them.

5.       One night stands. I wish i could say it means the way it is meant to mean. It is in relation to exams, blokes.


6.       Deodorants and face wash- I do not want to piss you off by providing the exact data of the interval between their successive baths. These people really save water.  

7.       Use their creativity in charting and managing to attend the minimum no. of classes needed for a pass grade.

8.       Their efficiency is inversely proportional to the number of days left to the deadline.

9.       Engineers can share everything from books to boxers. They are adept at adapting to unadoptable situations.

10.   Engineering students have been known to suffer from epileptic fits and seizures if they are unable to find the torrents for the latest episodes of American sitcoms and Movies. The only backlog an engineer actually dreads is a backlog in sitcoms. Again, an engineer’s method of watching sitcoms is entirely opposite to the conventional ‘one episode-per week-for several years’ approach that lesser mortals follow.

No aspect of human life has been left untouched by engineers. From call centers to novels, from Wheeler’s to Wall Street, from Pixar to Actors, from technicians to terrorists, you will find engineers all around you. The boogeyman under your kid’s bed-he’s a computer engineer who failed to make it to IBM. Engineers diversify and multiply faster than any bacteria or virus known to man. This is what an Engineer is. A prize-catch or the worst-dump of the society.

‘Petrus Romanus’- The Last Pope??

‘Petrus Romanus’- The Last Pope??


Photo: St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the holiest Catholic churches, hours after Benedict XVI’s shock announcement

‘Petrus Romanus’ –  a phrase used by Saint Malachy to describe the last Pope. Saint Malachy, an Archbishop from 12th century, had a vision where he saw next 112 popes and used cryptic Latin phrases to describe each of them. According to him 112th pope(from his time) would be the last pope and he described him as –

“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit, Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people”

Here, ‘Peter the Roman’, is the last Pope, ‘city of seven hills’ is Rome and the dreadful judge is considered as The Christ.

The newly elected Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the 112th Pope and based on Malachy’s prophecies would be the last Pope. Jorge Mario Bergoglio and ‘Petrus Romanus’, let’s see how they are connected:  all the popes are considered successors of Peter. Simon Peter was one of the most prominent apostles during the Jesus ministry and is often considered the first Pope. Also Bergoglio chose the Papal name Francis in honour of ‘Saint Francis of Assisi’. Saint Francis was born as ‘Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone’, his name has Pietro, which translates in Greek as ‘Peter’. Hence, Pope Francis fits comfortably in the description of Peter. Though he was born in Argentina, but his bloodline is purely Italian, making him in Malachy’s words – ‘Petrus Romanus’.

Malachy’s Prophecies

Malachy’s description of Popes is very cryptic. Pope John XXII was described as ‘Shepherd and Sailor’, it turned out that he belonged to a family of shepherds. Pope Benedict XV was referred to as ‘Religion Destroyed’, when he became Pope it was difficult to understand its relevance, but World War I and Russian Revolution made it quite clear. Pope John Paul I was described as ‘of half moon’, he was elected Pope on the day of half moon and died later on half moon. Pope Benedict XVI, who resigned recently was described as ‘Glory of the Olive’. The relation between his papal name ‘Benedict’ and ‘Olivetan order’ (a small Roman Catholic order) explains this phrase – Benedict’s choice of papal name is after ‘Saint Benedict of Nursia’ , Founder of Benedictine Order, of which Olivetans are one branch.

These prophecies were published in 16th century. The original manuscript was never printed before and was deposited in Vatican Secret Archives. It was forgotten until 1590, when it was rediscovered and published by a Benedictine named Arnold Wion. Various historians believe that these prophecies are forgeries because the ones made before 1590 were exact and the prophecies made later were inaccurate. But the connections between the Pope and the prophecies, sometimes even vague, have been formed over the years. It is similar to the number 23 syndrome, when you start searching for it, you find it everywhere.

Some even believe that Saint Malachy’s prophecies refer to the Apocalypse and some believe that it refers to a single world government. It would be interesting to see which tribulations he is referring to and how Pope Francis handles them. And who would be the dreadful judge and what would be his judgement? And yes! The most important question, Is Pope Francis I, the last Pope?



When Faith Keeps us Going..

When Faith Keeps us Going..

When Faith keep us going
13500ft above sea level, at one of the most inhospitable borders of the country, our soldiers believe that a saint would let them know in advance if there is probability of an attack. This border is the Indo-China border at Nathula, manned by more than 700 soldiers from both sides. Both countries have seen a man on horse, guarding the border at night.
This man is not a mystery to them. He was an Indian sepoy (yes ‘was’) Harbhajan Singh, who fell into a flowing stream while escorting a mule caravan from his batallion headquarters. Even after 5 days of search for the soldier nothing was found till one of his colleagues saw him in a dream where he led him to the location of his body and also asked for a shrine to be built for him. Next day, army found his body at the same place and as a mark of respect for the soldier, a samadhi was constructed near that area.
Baba Harbhajan is known for his dedication and discipline and is a very  revered soldier. It is said that even now he gets ready every night and guards the border. He even helps people who are lost in the hills and tells them the correct path so that they do not cross the border. His shrine consists of rooms containing his clothes and bags and his bed. Every year, a bag full of his belongings is sent to his village for annual leave and is sent back from the village after the leave gets over. During those times, the army is at high alert and extra cautious.

On my way to Nathula pass, I heard this incredible story from two army men escorting us to the border. Visiting the shrine was now a necessity, it became something more than a tourist spot. When I reached there I was struggling to breathe properly , it then struck me how difficult it would be for these people to guard us in such hostile conditions and they do it with a smile. It takes more than just the perfectly fit bodies to stay at these altitudes, it takes faith! Faith in the power or person who protects them and keeps them going. For some people that guardian is the mountains and for some it is Baba Harbhajan. On my way back there was a smile on my face, smile of satisfaction for I had faith in the men standing at the border guarding my family and friends so that we sleep properly.