Android Studio – Shortcuts and Quick Tips

Android Studio – Shortcuts and Quick Tips

Android studio IDE for android applications development offers a wide range of tools, shortcuts and live templates to increase the productivity of the developers. Here I enlist some of those which would come handy and you would love it while you use it :




Ctrl + P To see parameters of underlying method.

When your cursor is on some method , you can see what parameters the method requires as input

Ctrl + Shift + N  or Command + Shift + O (mac) You can search any file with its name
Ctrl+f4   or  Command + W (Mac) To close the current open file
Ctrl+alt+O To Optimize Imports
Shift+Shift To search every where in the project
Ctrl+Shift+f To find in path
Alt + right / Alt + left To switch tabs in the editor
F1 To quickly see the documentation of current class
Command + 1 Open Project View
Command+Shift+A To find any action


Live Templates :


Studio has some built-in templates created for you which makes your life a bit easier.

It also provides the power of creating custom templates to you also . Here I enlist some of predefined templates :


  • fori + tab

it will print the for loop for you with using i as the iterator.


  • logm + tab

it will print the log.d statement with the input parameters of the method printed


  • logr + tab

it will print log.d statement with the return parameter of the method printed


  • logt + tab

in class variables scope it will define a variable TAG with class name as the value for it